Skills Modules

Experience Workshops

The Experience workshops equip students with one or more skills, depending on the nature and objectives of the workshop. The experience workshops are focused to inculcate ‘hands-on’ practical skills with a focus on their defined outcomes. This helps the students get a well-rounded appreciation for the subject and will assist them in figuring out their interests so that they choose subjects to specialize in.

The workshops are uniquely designed to be delivered in a hybrid method, involving both hands-on practice sessions and assisted by the digital ecosystem.

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Livelihood Module

The Livelihood programs are geared towards guiding the learners in creating their own livelihood. Here, working concepts and skills demonstrations by experts are provided through the digital ecosystem, interspersed with 4-6 days of hands-on training. This may optionally be followed up with a business entrepreneurship program and a comprehensive certification.

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Job Role Module

This is an expansive program with a combination of digital and hands-on learning spread over 12-16 weeks. Being comprised of hard, soft, and career skills, it is geared towards preparing the participant for a specific job role and building a career from there on.

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Skills Ecosystem

Classle Skillnet is a solution is aimed to provide practical skills that can move them toward getting smart or building a livelihood. Here, skills are delivered through a hybrid model of digital and hands-on in an ecosystem designed for great scale and massive reach. It combines the attributes of all the stakeholders in the ecosystem, including the market, by providing titles based on the outcome of learning those skills.

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Custom Learning Ecosystems

These are white-labeled, cloud-hosted digital learning delivery ecosystems designed and developed to address the challenges of the developing world. These provide a technological framework with pluggable features and an ability to personalize and brand in a manner specific to the business or stakeholder adopting it. From there, it is instantly scalable to a vast reach of target users, all at a lower proportionate cost.

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