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Our top courses that helped educate people in 2015

  2015 had been a wonderful year for Classle! We entered into non-academic courses early this year and made a huge impact to people in terms of providing knowledge at the fingertip. We have been working with some amazing experts and 2016 will not be any different.....

Smarter Learner

Smarter Learner Series : Your guide to succeeding in an online course

   Digitization has taken the world by storm. Right from billing systems to health care, going digital has made things easier to handle, scale, and use. Among all fields, education is one that may see the biggest change of all. Learning is getting easier, simpler, and more insightful through new-age learning approaches such as online courses, and its usefulness keeps growing by the day.....


Classle helps students who lost their books in the Chennai floods with free online books and courses

  The rains and the subsequent flooding in Chennai has left behind a large scale destruction. Along with loss of property, the floods have severely impacted the education of both school and college students. The fact that colleges and schools are closed for almost one month, along with students' textbooks and notebooks being washed way in the Chennai floods has made life very difficult for the students to focus on a very essential aspect of their lives, learning......

ICTACT Classle

ICT Academy Signs MoU With Classle Knowledge to Launch 'Skycampus'

   CHENNAI, 27th February, 2014: ICT Academy, Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) signed an MoU with Classle Knowledge Pvt. Ltd., on 26th Feb, 2014 to improve the quality of education and employability of students.....

PSG College of Technology Signs MoU With Classle Knowledge

CHENNAI, 24th FEBRUARY, 2014: PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore signed an MoU with Classle Knowledge Pvt Ltd on 21 Feb, 2014 to extend the student reach through newer digital methods.....

Bringing Rhythm to Life

Bombay Jayashri herself guiding you?
Rhythms and Patterns with Notes in Carnatic Music, the course offered by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, does just that. It helps anybody learn and appreciate the patterns in rhythm that beautifies Carnatic Music, and alleviates their intimidation.....

Improved the Overall Engagement with Recruited Talent from Campuses

Problem Statement:

  One of the top-most global IT outsourcing companies was facing a challenge in engaging with the talent who were hired from various campuses (“offered students”).....

Helped a Not For Profit Organization Educate Their Target Audience on Renewable Energy

Problem Statement:

  A renowned environmental resources organization was looking to educate their target communities to understand and appreciate the basics of renewable energy.....

CBS Chennai Business School

Chennai Business School – Classle’s Newest Education Partner

  On the 8th of April 2015, Classle signed an MOU with Chennai  Business School, one of the best management institutes in the city.  The institution has partnered with Classle to train and produce the  best managerial talent in the country. 

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