Classle helps students who lost their books in the Chennai floods with free online books and courses

The rains and the subsequent flooding in Chennai has left behind a large scale destruction. Along with loss of property, the floods have severely impacted the education of both school and college students. The fact that colleges and schools are closed for almost one month, along with students' textbooks and notebooks being washed way in the Chennai floods has made life very difficult for the students to focus on a very essential aspect of their lives; learning.
To provide our support to the future of our country, we are providing an alternate and easy way to ensure their education doesn't get severely impacted!

For school students, we have converted the Tamilnadu Samacheer textbooks into online books. These live books have video lectures where the content of the books are explained. Instead of reading the books, students can now see and listen to the concepts explained. At the moment these books are available for maths and science for standard 6,7, and 8 in both Tamil and English medium. 

For college students, we have online courses for subjects that students would be writing in the forthcoming semester examinations. The courses tagged are completely free and are available for 7 engineering streams. 

The books and courses can be consumed even through your mobile phones. If you own a smartphone you can access the courses even in offline mode through the Classle Android app or Classle iOS app.


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