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   2015 had been a wonderful year for Classle! We entered into non-academic courses early this year and made a huge impact to people in terms of providing knowledge at the fingertip. We have been working with some amazing experts and 2016 will not be any different.

On New Years eve, we would like to bring to you those courses from 2015 that had the highest user following and the ones that seem to be the most useful for learners all across the globe.

Rhythms and Patterns with Notes in Carnatic Music

Rhythms and Patterns with Notes in Carnatic Music This online course, authored by the renowned musician Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, served as the perfect course for hundreds of people to learn about the basics of Carnatic music, and how patterns form an inherent part of this art form. If you are a music lover and what to know what Carnatic music is, then this is the course to take!

Ayurvedic & Yogic Style of Living

The online course on Yoga and Healthy living by Dr Surinder Katoch guides learners along the fundamental steps towards leading a healthy life. Created for people looking to stay fit, this online course was a huge hit amongst Classle visitors looking to learn about Yoga, Meditation, and ways to live healthily.

Personal Finance: Learn how to manage money and become rich

Wealth Management This online course by renowned author Manoj Arora was an instant hit amongs working professionals. People looking for ways to make money, but not knowing where to begin found this course to be simple, effective, and loaded with practical tips. If you are looking for ways to save money and become an expert in financial management, then you wouldn't be disappointed at the end of this course.

Solar Electrical Online Training

Solar Electrical Online Training This online course will give you the basic information about solar energy and helps you to understand the functions and the working model on solar energy. One of our earliest courses on skill development, this served as a very practical course teaching people how to design solar panels, install solar panels, and even build objects like solar cars, solar calculators, etc.

Start Speaking In English

Start Speaking In EnglishThis online course was designed so that the participants are taught the most effective ways to learn and speak in English. Focusing on ways to improve vocabulary and grammar, this course proved to be very useful for quite a lot of people looking to learn a new languageThese were just the most popular courses of 2015. If you are interested to know more, you can explore our catalog and pick out other courses of your interest at the Classle store

Happy New Year and the team at Classle hope that 2016 will be your year of transformation through knowledge. Happy Learning!


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