Helped a Not For Profit Organization Educate Their Target Audience on Renewable Energy

Problem Statement:

      A renowned environmental resources organization was looking to educate their target communities to understand and appreciate the basics of renewable energy. 

Solution Overview:

      Classle lent its hand to the organization by extending Course+, our digital course delivery framework, to easily author and deliver a set of digital courses to make the community aware about Conservation of Environment Resources and Livelihood Enhancement. Through the use of Course+, the environmental resources organization successfully educated and nurtured a community with minimal effort in reaching out to them on new and renewable energy. 

Solution Highlights:

      One of the courses that were offered – Solar electric online training – covers the basics of Solar PV Technology along with their installation and maintenance. It also provides an insight into the policies and economics involved in the Indian Solar Industry, and how one can develop a business with the knowledge about the same. As Value-add, Classle has also structured the program to scale, and reached out to its partner institutions that support environment-related causes in order to drive the awareness and participation. Due to the underlying technology with the ability to scale, the course is delivered at an affordable cost, making it easier for consumption.

Solution Benefits:

      In less than 3 months, the course was reached out to hundreds of users spanning across different institutions in the country. 


      The organization is currently working to creating more courses in the domain to be delivered through Classle’s Course+ .


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