Improved the Overall Engagement with Recruited Talent from Campuses

Problem Statement:

      One of the top-most global IT outsourcing companies was facing a challenge in engaging with the talent who were hired from various campuses (“offered students”).

Solution Overview:

      Classle partnered with the company to extend its flagship service, ‘Cloud Campus’ to engage with the offered students spread across different institutions in India, on a continuous basis, with a very thin team. Through this partnership over the last few years, the company has seen an increase in on-boarding of offered students, and has reached out to engage with the talent pool across these institutions to build a talent pipeline to recruit from.

Solution Highlights:

      The change management among the talent base was seamless with engaging learning events and rewards. Top performers among the offered students are now given opportunities to participate in virtual internship projects, with mentoring help from the experts in the company. As value-add, Classle has also offered learning insights for a selected user base by executing an internship program with remote mentoring on ‘Cloud Campus’.

Solution Benefits:

      A smooth scale-up was achieved in this project in the second year, when the company was able to increase its talent base, by engaging around 24, 000 to 80, 000 users, without any disruption. 


      Over the next year, the company is not only looking to engage with more talent through ‘Cloud Campus’, but is also interested in transforming the talent.


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