Bringing Rhythm to Life

Bombay Jayashri herself guiding you?

Rhythms and Patterns with Notes in Carnatic Music, the course offered by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, does just that. It helps anybody learn and appreciate the patterns in rhythm that beautifies Carnatic Music, and alleviates their intimidation. There are different permutations and combinations within the rhythm structure that is applied in Carnatic music. The course deals with the appreciation of talams - patterns that dictate the rhythm structure of Carnatic music. Although given in the context of Carnatic music, these combinations are not necessarily restricted to that, and can be extended to any other aspect of life.

Normally, these concepts are taught in gurukulams and music classes, and thus, only few get to learn and appreciate it. For the first time, these concepts are brought directly to you in the form of a Digital Course thus making it accessible for everyone. This course is designed in such a way that it removes all inherent apprehensions about Carnatic music, and it makes the learner aware that this art form is all-embracing and has its doors open for everyone.

The idea that you can learn in your own, private space allows you drop your inhibitions and have a good go at it. Also, the fact that this high-engagement course is being taught by an accomplished musician and an outstanding teacher makes a world of difference. At the end of the course, we can assure you that you will understand how to participate in the rhythm in different ways. Rhythm will seep into you, and will become an integral part of your life. Appreciation of music will happen naturally, organically.

This course is not restricted to only those who are looking to appreciate Carnaticmusic. If you are a singer or a student of classical music, this refreshing course will help you understand what you are doing better. It will give you a wider view of the rhythm concept which is considered very complex; something which musicians and non-musicians think takes years to learn, practice, and perfect.

Successful participants of the course will receive a certificate. There are also some wonderful surprise gifts for diligent participants who engage well with the course. This will be the first in the series of courses to be given by this eminent musician.

Here is your opportunity to begin your journey in the world of patterns in Carnatic music, get to appreciate their beauty, and become aware of the rhythm around you.


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