Classle is a unique, developing world-ready, technology-enabled ecosystem that empowers educators, organizations, experts, and learners. Built on the foundations of knowledge, interaction, and opportunity, it provides an environment to foster lifelong learning while allowing multiple types of stakeholders to achieve their intended goals.

In 2011, Classle was a Semi-Finalist in the Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge, as well as the Silver EDGE Award winner from Information Week. Classle was also a finalist in the ET NOW Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award as well as the Sankalp Social Enterprise Awards in 2012.

Developing World Ready

Developing countries comprise more than 90% of the global population and have the highest requirement for free-flowing access to quality learning. There have been a number of technology-enabled solutions, but they have their roots in developed nations and fail to serve the larger user group who have need of it.

Classle’s solution was built from the ground up with a technology-enabled business and operating model that was created specifically for this unserved population. This solution works amidst the general constraints of the developing world, including socio-economic, logistic, and infrastructural issues. This complexity is hidden behind easy-to-use features and interfaces that allow general users and customers to enjoy the experience in a way that is simple and natural to them.


Different groups of people have different sorts of requirements to share and receive knowledge and training. Thus, the general method of one-solution-fits-all proves very restrictive.

Classle has a pluggable architecture that can be altered, modified, and even customized around a core platform to suit different needs. This core platform has the Cloud Campus and mini-campuses, along with standard components, around which additional pluggable elements can be configured and enabled, and fitted with both browser and app-based user access. These elements include UI templates, language extensions, and even ‘Lightning’, a specialized component that can extend the service to locations that have poor internet.


Classle’s technology-enabled ecosystem for education and training beckons for wide participation and enables high scope, scale, and impact for its many types of users. It is a rich environment composed of Cloud Campuses (open, private, and semi-private), titles, and other services and resources. Through these, anyone – from individuals to organizations – can participate, leverage the ecosystem, create value, and achieve their goals.

Cloud Model

Capital investment, setup cost, and lead time are some of the major concerns for anyone looking for a technology solution. Classle puts these concerns to rest with a true Cloud Model. Here, the users are given a holistic technology solution where they only pay for what they use with no hidden costs or long-term commitments. Best of all, this extends to every element in the ecosystem, including the platform itself.

Education and Training Focus

Quality and access are major issues in the realm of formal education, whether it be at pre-school, school, college, or skill level. Classle’s technology, its platform, and its ecosystem have powered many initiatives in this space.

These initiatives range from taking a niche field of education to a committed, globally-dispersed audience, to enabling core education to be accessible in remote locations with poor infrastructure. In addition, Classle has enabled access to recreational skills like product training, as well as professional skills and competency training. Many areas which have till date been unserviced, are now empowered to make their presence known in the world and access the users who need them.

There are four main groups of users who benefit from Classle’s technology-enabled ecosystem:


Educators are of many types, ranging from individuals who wish to teach, to institutions who want to provide education services to their community. Classle empowers them to be able to do these things quickly and with little effort outside the realm of their field, and reach a wide audience on the digital highway.

These educators have access to Classle’s platform, can create titles and access the community in Classle’s ecosystem. Since everything is only pay-for-use, they get what they need at low cost and can focus on their area and interacting with their students. Everything else comes to them from the ecosystem.


Many organizations seek to offer learning services. This could be to their employees and clients, or to their customers, prospects, and general public. Classle enables them to take all the core functions and titles readily from the ecosystem, personalize their own campus on the cloud, and take it to their target community with little cost, effort, and risk to them.


Most experts in their field of expertise share their knowledge by publishing books or teaching to small groups of students in brick-and-mortar classrooms. Neither of these have high effort-to-impact ratio.

With Classle, they can publish their material and make it available and accessible on the ecosystem, where it can be discovered by learners, educators, and organizations. They can publish in multiple formats, ranging from highly interactive Digital Courses to passive Learning Circles, with Live Books and LiveCasts in between. Moreover, these published items are products, to which the experts have IPR rights and can earn royalties.


Classle is purely learner-centric in every sense of the term. Here, learners of all kinds are empowered to access knowledge in the manner they need in an environment that will alter to suit their unique requirements and last their whole lives. With a lifelong free membership, they have access to Classle’s open ecosystem, as well as many other themed platforms belonging to various educators and organizations. There is never a dearth of education to be gained and Classle provides all the means required to gain them.

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