Classle is a unique, developing world-ready, technology-enabled ecosystem that empowers students, individuals, and organizations, with a strong focus on the school segment. Here, we expand the parameters of ‘success’ outside the boundaries of just academic achievement by providing real-world lifeskills through a digital environment that makes teaching, learning, and interaction easy. Through a hybrid combination of this and hands-on training, students gain strong practical skills that will help them gain success quickly.

In 2011, Classle was a Semi-Finalist in the Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge, as well as the Silver EDGE Award winner from Information Week. Classle was also a finalist in the ET NOW Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award as well as the Sankalp Social Enterprise Awards in 2012.

Developing World Ready

90% of the global population live in developing countries and have a great need for affordable easy access to quality education and skills training. However, despite the many solutions out there, the majority of people remain unserved.

Classle focuses on this majority though its simple, easy-to-use features, customizable framework, that is affordable. These allow it to work effectively even in the midst socio-economic, logistic, and infrastructural constraints.


Classle SkillNet combines traditional hands-on learning with digital in an ecosystem framework to give an all-round training experience. Instead the common ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, Classle has a pluggable architecture that can be changed and customized to suit a customer’s specific needs

This core platform has the Cloud Campus with standard features, around which additional ones can be configured for both browsers and apps. These add-on components range from product features and interfaces, to languages and ‘Lightning’, a specialized feature that helps Classle SkillNet run in areas that have poor internet.

Focus on Skills

With the global need for ‘success now’, people need to be able to gain strong, applicable skills to keep up with it. Training for this is traditionally provided in brick-and-mortar setups which is expensive and cannot serve a large population. Classle provides a hybrid solution aimed specifically at skill training by combining its easy interactive digital ecosystem with essential hand-on experiences. Not only does it make this learning widely accessible, it provides a wholesome, enhanced experience as well.

Thus, with Classle SkillNet, skills are not only for the fortunate few, but for everyone, and together, we can build a productive and successful world.

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