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To have a productive life in the modern world, one has to be a lifelong learner, especially so in developing countries. A person needs to be able to easily access quality education and opportunities without the issues of logistics and economics, and knowledge should be available to all who should seek it, not only to the select few.

Classle has solved this through a technology-enabled ecosystem for education, knowledge-sharing, and training, that is specifically made for the developing world. The underlying technology and business model connects educators, organizations, experts, and learners, allowing them to create a strong impact and easily achieve their goals.


  • Developing World-Ready

  • Technology-Enabled

  • An Ecosystem

  • Cloud Model

  • Education and Training Focused

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Our Team


V Vaidyanathan

Founder & CEO

K Anantha Raman

Vice President

Balaji Raman

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mani Kant Agrawal

Chief Strategy Officer

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